Research and Development Laboratories

The R&D center comprises eight functional laboratories dedicated to the development and application of novel products primarily focused on polysaccharide plant-based adhesives and chemical products for oilfield applications.

Equipment and Team

We are equipped with a series of imported chemical analysis instruments and application evaluation devices, worth over 50 million CNY. We have 42 memebers including 6 doctoral researchers, 15 master's degree holders, 12 bachelor's degree holders and 9 specially appointed experts.

Recognition and Accolades

We have been recognized as a "National High-Tech Enterprise" and a "Jiangsu Provincial Specialized and Innovative Enterprise." It has established several crucial research centers and scientific institutions, including the "CNPC Oilfield Fracturing and Acidizing Technology Center - Fracturing Subcenter," "Jiangsu Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center for Polysaccharide Plant-based Adhesives," "Jiangsu Provincial Enterprise Technology Center," and "National Postdoctoral Research Workstation." Additionally,we have been designated as a "3-star Key R&D Institution in Jiangsu Province" and has received numerous awards and recognition from the group company, Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award, Jiangsu Famous Brand Products, and Jiangsu Famous Trademark.

Research Projects and Awards

To date, we have undertaken and completed 159 research projects, including 4 national-level projects and 8 provincial-level projects. Four product systems developed by us have been recognized by authoritative organizations as reaching international advanced levels. We have also received honors such as the Provincial-Ministerial Science and Technology Progress Award, including one second-class award and three third-class awards. At the municipal level, we have been awarded two first-class awards, three second-class awards, and one third-class award for technological progress.

Academic Contributions and Industry-Academia Research Collaboration

We have published 27 academic papers in core journals and filed 51 patent applications, of which 27 patents have been successfully granted, including 16 invention patents. We have also drafted an enterprise standard, "Technical Specifications for Fracturing Thickening Agents and Rapid Hydration Guar Gum," and revised two industry standards for plant-based adhesives and fracturing fluids. To strengthen industry-academia research collaboration,we have established partnerships with prestigious research institutions such as the French Plant Polymer Center, Sichuan University, and Jiangnan University. It has organized and implemented a series of research projects, fostering a highly skilled professional R&D team that has made significant contributions to the company's innovative development.